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The Tempo Distortion series of compositions are based upon the concept of performers playing in continually shifting tempi or simultaneously occurring tempi and are concerned with the deconstruction of musical time and rhythmic perception displacement. These works utilize musical systems consisting of contrapuntal textures of non‐melodic lines and structures built from sustained tones and repeated single note patterns with an underlying tonal or modal harmonic foundation.

TEMPO DISTORTION #1 is a study in independent instrumental lines each with their own indications of fixed tempi and continually fluctuating tempi.  There is no master score, only the individual parts.  The music consists entirely of eighth note patterns that repeat for various indicated lengths. Harmonically, the piece is based upon a six‐note scale (C, D, E, F, G, A) that is used exclusively throughout, giving the piece a modal and primal sound quality.  In performance, all players begin together and do not attempt to rhythmically synchronize with each other.  A multi‐layered structure of continually morphing polyrhythms is heard as the final result.

Premiered at Cornelia Street Cafe, Greenwich Village (New York City) on Frank Oteri's 21st Century Schizoid Music concert series by the New York Miniaturist Ensemble, a Juilliard School chamber ensemble, March 2006


Music, text and concepts © 2006 Steve Kornicki

Tempo Distortion #1 (parts)

Tempo Distortion #1 (MIDI demonstration)

Tempo Distortion 1 MIDI (Steve Kornicki)Steve Kornicki
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