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Concert Music Performances & Recordings 

Corresponding Points of Self-Similar Lines in a Terminal Cadence performed by Ensemble P4 at Stetson University, University of Central Florida and News Journal Center (Daytona, FL)


Cycles of Fifths in Lines of Self-Similarity performed by the Grand Rapids Community College Guitar Ensemble (2016)

Instructions for Harmonic Permutations in Temporal Placements performed by trumpeter, Mark Sunderland at Timucua Arts Foundation (Orlando, FL) October, 2016

Fanfare in a Continuum of Gradual Momentum performed by the Brevard Symphony Orchestra (Melbourne, FL) January 2015

Tempo Distortion #5 for piano and electronics performed by pianist, Nicolas Horvath as part of a 12-hour solo concert, "Glassworlds" honoring the music of Philip Glass (Palais de Tokyo, Paris France 2014 & Timucua Arts Foundation, Orlando FL 2015)

Tempo Distortion #4 - performed by Dr. Thad Anderson, (University of Central Florida 2014); Dr. David Gerhart, (California State University Long Beach) 2007; Scotty Horey, (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis 2009)

Cycles of Fifths in Lines of Self-Similarity performed by Ithaca College Percussion Ensemble (Gordon Stout, dir.) and University of Central Florida Percussion Ensemble (Thad Anderson, dir.) 2013


Vistas of Expanding Similarities and Oscillating Pulses along with Morning Star Rising performed by the Rhodes College Orchestra conducted by Joseph Montelione at Rhodes College (Memphis, TN) October 2009

Equal Waves- performed by the Chicago Miniaturist Ensemble at Ossia Fine Arts Space (Chicago) September 2008

Four Pieces for String Quartet performed by the West End String Quartet (Ingomar United Methodist Church, Pittsburgh, PA) January 2007

Harmonic Canon Streams performed by California State University Long Beach Percussion Ensemble, (Dave Gerhart, dir.) December 2006

Echoes of Emergence California State University, Long Beach Percussion Ensemble, conducted by Dave Gerhart December 2006 and Fall 2001

Tempo Distortion #1 for flute, 2 violins and percussion performed at the Cornelia Steet Cafe, Greenwich Village (New York City) on Frank Oteri's 21st Century Schizoid Music concert series by the New York Miniaturist Ensemble, a Juilliard School chamber ensemble, March 2006

72 Tones for flute, violin, viola and percussion performed at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in New York City, along with the premiere of Karlheinz Stockhausen's "First Natural Durations" on February 23, 2006, by the New York Miniaturist Ensemble, a Juilliard School chamber ensemble, February 2006

 Xylo Motion for xylophone and pre-recorded electronic sounds (2004 performance) – percussionist Dave Gerhart – University of Southern California

Synchronous Momentum for vibraphone and electronic sounds (2003 performance) - percussionist Dave Gerhart- California State University, Long Beach


Parallel Music for vibraphone, marimba and electronic sounds (2001 performance) – percussionists, Dave Gerhart and Angela Tabor - California State University, Long Beach

Synergetic Patterns in Modulating Sections (1991 performance) - guitarist, Steve Kornicki (Settlement Music School, Philadelphia) 

Tonal Correlations for 2 pianos and electronic sounds (1990 performance) - pianists, Tamara Zavislan & Steve Kornicki - (Settlement Music School, Philadelphia)

Production Music Credits

**Barry Levinson film, "What Just Happened" starring Robert DeNiro
**CSI Miami
**Michael F. Sears film, "A Warrior's Heart" starring Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene
**Freerunner (2011 feature-length film)
**Jersey Shore (MTV)
**16 and Pregnant (MTV)
**Hurricane 360 (Weather Channel)
**Killer Kids (A&E)
**Hollywood Medium (E!)
**Epic Homes
**Dog Whisperer Family Edition (CW)
**Garage Sale Mystery
**Dan Patrick Show (NBC Sports Net)
**Married to the Army Alaska (OWN)
**Immortalized (AMC)
**Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition (Lifetime)
**Charles and Di Once Upon a Time (TLC)
**Boost Mobile web video: "Making of the Boost Mobile Super Bowl Commercial"
**Modern Marvels (History Channel)
**Scott Hamilton: Return to the Ice (Bio)
**CBS Sunday Morning News
**Fox Sports Retro (Fox Sports)
**L.A. Shrinks (Bravo)
**What is That (Science)
**Olympic Trials 2008 (MSNBC)
**Watch What Happens Live (Bravo)
**Dance Moms (Lifetime)
**America Sings (The Gospel Channel)
**Gil Cates Jr film, "Pass the Sugar"
**Big Ten Football Pregame Show
**The Simple Life with Paris Hilton (FOX & E! Entertainment)
**HowStuffWorks (Discovery Channel)
**My Cat from Hell (Animal Planet)
**The Squeeze (MSNBC)
**Strange Love (VH1)
**PGA Golf 2010 - Global Golf Adventure
**Bass Pro Shop King of Bucks (Outdoor Channel)
**100% Real Hunting (NBC Sports Net)
**Starz Studios
**Major League Baseball
**Guiness Book of World Records: Live Top 100 (NBC)
**CBS promo spots
**Searching For (Discovery Channel)
**Out of Egypt (Discovery Channel)
**Operation Wild (Green Channel)
**What's Eating You (E!)
**Ancient Aliens (History)
**Doctors Behind Bars (Discovery)
**Lockup Extended Stay: Orange County Jail (MSNBC)
**Major League Baseball
**The OCD Project (VH1)
**Pit Bulls and Parolees (Animal Planet)
**Smithsonian Spotlight (Canadian TV)
**Big Ten Short Stories (Big Ten Network)
**Joni and Friends (TBN)
**Millionaire Matchmaker (Bravo)
**Stars for Stripes Wounded Warriors Return (Great American Country network)
**Place of Our Own (PBS)
**Clean House (Style Network)
**Conversations with Dave Revsine (Big 10 Network)
**Split Ends (Style Network)
**The Great Outdoors (Australia Network)
**Dad Camp (VH1)
**The Mystery of Sleep
**It Only Hurts When I Laugh (TRUTV)
**Crime Inc. (UK)
**Holly's World (E!)
**Pit Boss (Animal Planet)
**"Gay, Straight or Taken" (Lifetime)
**"How to Look Good Naked" (Lifetime)
**Sirius and XM satellite TV

**Various TV/radio promotions and features (U.S., U.K., Germany, Australia, France, Brazil, Finland, South Africa, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong, Norway)

Original CDs

~Transformations and Manipulations - 2007 - electronic music for digitally altered instrumental sounds

 ~Orchestral, Conceptual and Ensemble Music - 2005 - contemporary classical music (symphony orchestra, sampled instruments, guitars, percussion ensemble)

~Steve Kornicki and Rob Grano: Twilight Blue - 2004 – instrumental music (guitar, synthesizers, percussion

~Forever Journey - 2001 - instrumental music (guitar, fretless bass, synthesizers, percussion)

~Kornicki Brothers: Deep Time - 1998 - instrumental music (guitar, fretless bass, synthesizers, percussion, cedar flute)

~Kornicki Brothers: Time Withstanding - 1997 – instrumental music (synthesizers, fretless bass, guitar, violin, female voice, percussion)

~Kornicki Brothers: Different Views - 1994 - instrumental music (synthesizers, percussion, bass guitar) 

~Fragments of Illumination - 1991 - contemporary classical music (classical guitar, synthesizers, flute, violin, percussion)


 2015-2016 - "Zero Crossings" interview and music overview with composer, Charlie Griffin on WPRK (Orlando, FL - Rollins College radio) 

 2009- "Star's End" - WXPN-FM Philadelphia

 2009-2017 - featured composer on WPRB (Princeton, NJ) "Classical Discoveries" with Marvin Rosen

 2008: "25 x 8" from Kornicki's CD Orchestral, Conceptual and Ensemble Music on NPR's nationally syndicated ambient music program Hearts of Space 

 2008: Star's End (WXPN) - Philadelphia, PA; New Dreamer's (KLCC) - Eugene, OR; Ferngerms Sleeps - Live365 Internet Radio; WCMU, NPR - Michigan

 2007: Star's End Ambient Radio (WXPN-FM) - Philadelphia, PA; KLCC 89.7 NPR - Eugene OR; WCMU - NPR Michigan; WXPN - Philadelphia, PA; WXPH - Harrisburg, PA; WKHS - Baltimore, MD; WORT-FM - Madison, WI; KLCC Public Radio - Eugene, OR; WHUS-FM's "Pushing the Envelope" - Storrs, CT; WPRB - Princeton, NJ; WTJU - Charlottesville, VA; WDIY FM "Galactic Travels" (Allentown/Bethlehem, PA, 93.9 FM in Easton, PA & Phillipsburg, NJ)

 2006: Cool Streams (internet radio)

 2006: 61x5 (Transfigurations soundtrack) included in the "most significant releases of 2006" list by
WXPN-FM's ambient music radio program, Star's End

 2006: WORT-FM's "RTQE" - Madison, WI; WXPN's Star's End - Philadelphia PA; Contemporary Classical Internet Radio; KLCC 89.7 NPR - Eugene OR; WXPH - Harrisburg, PA; WKHS - Baltimore, MD

 2005: Contemporary Classical Internet Radio; WQED - Pittsburgh PA; WPRB - Princeton NJ; KGNU - Boulder and Denver CO; Music Sojourn Internet Radio; Taiwan Radio; WXPN's Star's End - Philadelphia PA; WPRB - Princeton NJ); WXPH - Harrisburg PA; WKHS - Baltimore MD; 104.9 FM - Allentown and Bethlehem PA; WORT-FM - Madison WI; WMUH 91.7 FM - Allentown PA; KLCC 89.7 NPR - Eugene OR

 2004: KFMK - Austin, TX
2003: LoveFM - Japan; Internet Radio NonBiri - Japan
2002: WJZW - Washington, D.C; WESS - Stroudsburg, PA
2001: WSIA - New York City; WJZW - Washington, D.C.; KCSN - Los Angeles;
WMBR - Boston; KZYX - Philo, CA; KCUR - Kansas City, MO; KCWU - Ellensburg, WA;
FUN RADIO - Romania; WKMS - Murray, KY; WKNH - Keene, NH; WXPR - Rhinelander, WI;
WRAS - Atlanta, GA; WAWL - Chattanooga, TN; WVUD - Newark, DE; KTEP - El Paso, TX

 1999: Public Radio International

 1998: WYEP - Pittsburgh, PA

 1994: National Public Radio; WEFT - Champaign, IL

 1991-92: WXPN - Philadelphia

Music with Video

Highway Night - 2012

Synchronous Evolution - 2011

Crystalline Structures Expanding - 2011

Video Distortion #1 - 2007

Mixed Signals (Video Symphony) - 2005-07

 Altered Orchestra (liquid video) - 2007

 Transfigurations - 2005

 Transfigurations #2 - 2006-07

 Underwater Television - 2007

Select Live Performances


Elemental Groove (2016-present) - guitarist, keyboardist and composer - performed at many venues, corporate events and private parties throughout Florida 

Don Soledad Group (April 2012-September 2016) - bass guitarist, keyboardist - performed at many venues, corporate events and private parties throughout Florida 

Steve has worked extensively with chef/event planner Bob Sendall at All in Good Taste Productions, performing at his events, as well as for other corporate and private clients - Pittsburgh, PA, Fallingwater, PA, Greenbrier Hotel, WV (1998-2004)

Outdoor Concerts: Encino CA, Pacific Palisades, CA, Hollywood CA (2001)

Evening Performance: Marina Del Rey, CA - Ritz Carlton (2001)

Event Performance: Pittsburgh, PA - Carnegie Museum (2000)

Corporate Event: Frank Loyd Wright's Fallingwater - Fortune 500 Forum (1998)

Opening Acts: Pittsburgh, PA (I.C. Light Amphitheater) the Kornicki Brothers opened for Hall & Oates, Craig Chaquico, and the jazz group, Fourplay (1998)

Private Party: West Virginia - Greenbrier Hotel (1998)

Philadelphia Academy of Music (1994, 1995)

Chadsford Winery, PA (1994)

Audio Projects

Michael Jon Goodrich (2014) - arranged and produced several original songs for digital distribution

John McDonald (2019-2022) - session player/arranger for original trop-rock songs

Don Soledad - Soluna (2012) and December Lullaby (2014) - produced and engineered CDs of original Flamenco-inspired music

TM Forum audio promotion - provided original music and produced voice over (2007)

 NutriFarmacy - produced and provided original music for pharmaceutical products radio commercial (2007)

 Life in Balance - "OM to OHM" - performed creative guitar and bass guitar tracks for electronica/ambient CD released on Koch Records (2007)

Mark Dudgeon - Guitar Spirituals - produced CD of traditional, solo guitar music

Good Grief Center (for bereavement support) - produced and provided original music for CD for care package (2006)

Omega Brite - produced and provided original music for pharmaceutical products radio commercial (2005)

 Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort – original score for informational DVD (2005)

 Michael McVicker: Stillness in Motion –original music track and audio production for meditation CD (2005)

 Discovery Path: Becoming I Am - original music and audio production for meditation DVD (2005)

 CoManage Corporation Data Integrity Management – original music for informational CD-ROM (2004)

 Deborah Donoghue: The Guardians (2005) The Awakening (2004) – original music and audio production for meditation CDs

 A Fishermen Story – original score for documentary film by I-ling Chu (2004)

 Jana Losey EP – music arrangements, composition and audio production (pop-rock CD) - 2004

 Tom Copson: Monkey Is as Monkey Is – original music track and audio mastering for instrumental music CD (2004)

 Cathy Kaplan: Patchwork Me – original music and audio production for poetry and music CD (2003)

 Network Television Promotion – 8 national TV spots (2003)

 Dan Wagner: Integrative Approaches to Nutrition and Natural Medicine – original music for informational CDs produced by Leonard Lies (2002)

Five Alarm Music Library (Los Angeles, CA) - composed music for library collections (2001-2002)

 Progress and Prejudice: Treating Mental Illness in the Modern Community – original music for documentary video (2001)

 Essential Yoga – original music for instructional video (2000)

 U.S. Air Force Training Video – original music for instructional video (1999)

Video art still by Steve Kornicki
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